About Giles

Hi, my name is Giles Allen. I have been involved in politics, in one aspect or another, since I was about 5 years old. From volunteering with my Grandfather, to going “door-to-door,” to being on the paid staff of a campaign, I have been around and involved in politics the greater part of my life…and I Love It! I currently attend Ohio University and work part time for the Ohio Attorney General’s office, along with some campaigning and hanging out in there too. In my blog, I will be covering some of the major political and current news issues of the week, but also giving a sort of “pop culture” perspectives on them, and I’ll give a “between the lines” peek at some of the stories. I hope to be able to draw on my experience working in politics to provide some interesting (and entertaining stories). From the President’s State of the Union (and the work that goes into picking out everything from his suite to his tie) to the news from the campaign trail (and how they pick campaign songs) and all the details in between. After reading this, you’ll not only pick up some of the weeks big stories, but will also gain a look behind the scenes of these events.




DISCLAIMER: Any and all views expressed in all of the posts on this blog are those of the author alone. They do not necessarily express the views or opinions of the Ohio Attorney General, his office, its employees, and any candidate and/or elected official that may be mentioned in any post. Please direct any and all questions or comments to the blog author, Giles Allen only.


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