First Post-Welcome!

The first use of the elephant to represent the Republicans (Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly)

Thank you for visiting my blog! Each week, I’ll bring you interesting stories from the political trail: looking at all the different candidates, their campaigns, our elected officials, and the stories that you may not always hear on CNN each night. From the time it takes picking the President’s necktie to some of the history behind the Presidency, and, the Presidential image. In addition to my weekly posts, I will highlight some blogs I like.

Picking President Obama's necktie for the 2011 State of the Union (From the White House)

I have been involved in politics, in one aspect or another, since I was about 5 years old. From volunteering with my grandfather to being on the paid staff of a campaign, I love everything about politics! I’m a junior who, when not in class, works part-time for the Ohio Attorney General’s office. I hope you enjoy my posts!

An early use of the donkey to represent the Democrats; Andrew Jackson riding the donkey (artist unknown)

One of the classiest Presidents, John Kennedy (Photo by Avedon)

President Bush at a campaign rally in 2004 (Associated Press)


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